Easy Latch 45mm


Product Description

The Easy Latch is three times quicker to fit than a traditional latch. Supplied with two strike plates to be used depending on whether you are installing a new door or using an existing door. With a 45mm spindle centre it requires only one 26mm drill bit for fitting and carries a 1 year guarantee

Works well with the Easy Click door handle range

Fitting Instructions for Urfic’s Easy Latch and Dead Bolt

  • Mark required height on the door and frame
  • Use a set square to mark a horizontal line on leading door edge
  • Transfer height line to edge of door and frame (or as first point)
  • Mark vertical centre line of the door and frame to create an intersection (cross)
  • Use a 26mm flat head drill bit
  • Keep drill straight and at 90 degrees-drill out hole
  • Mark position of the spindle keeping drill straight/90 degrees-drill out hole
  • Check the latch direction is correct (curve of latch head should face the frame)
  • Insert latch into predrilled hole by pushing the round plate against the timber (check flush with door edge)

How To Fit A Strike Plate (New Door)

  • With a 32mm bit, drill a hole 17mm deep at point of intersection (marked X)
  • Check hole depth-do not drill more than 17mm
  • Secure with fixings provided
  • Position strike plate over the top
  • Secure the strike plate with the fixings supplied
  • Check strike plate is flush with frame

How To Fit A Strike Plate (Existing Door)

  • Remove existing product
  • Insert plastic rectangular casing
  • Adjust position/reshape woodwork
  •  Position fixing plate
  • Secure with fixings provided

Additional Information


Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel

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